Odo I of Orléans
Irmentrud of Orléans


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1. Charles II the Bald of France

Irmentrud of Orléans 2363,2437

  • Born: 27 Sep 823
  • Marriage (1): Charles II the Bald of France on 19 Dec 842
  • Died: 6 Oct 869

   Another name for Irmentrud was Ermentrude of Orléans.


  General Notes:

Ermentrude of Orléans (27 September 823 \endash 6 October 869) was Queen of Franks by her marriage to Charles the Bald , Holy Roman Emperor and King of West Francia. She was the daughter of Odo, Count of Orleans and his wife, Engeltrude.

She and Charles married in 842. Their children were:
Judith of Flanders , consort of of Wessex , of Wessex , and Baldwin I, Count of Flanders
Louis the Stammerer (846\endash 879)
Charles the Child (847\endash 866)
Lothar (848\endash 865), monk in 861, became Abbot of Saint-Germain
Carloman, son of Charles the Bald (849\endash 876)
Rotrud (852\endash 912), a nun
Ermentrud (854\endash 877), a nun
Hildegard (born 856, died ?)
Gisela (857\endash 874)

Ermentrude had a gift for embroidery and an interest in religious foundations. Her husband gave her the Abbey of Chelles . She separated from her husband after he executed her rebellious brother William in 866, and retreated to the life of a nunnery. Ermentrude was buried in the Basilique Saint-Denis , Paris, France. 2438


Irmentrud married Charles II the Bald of France, son of Louis I the Pious of the Franks and Judith of Bavaria, on 19 Dec 842. (Charles II the Bald of France was born on 13 Jun 823 and died on 6 Oct 877 in Brides-les-Bain, France.)