Isenbrand til Althoff
Welf I of Bavaria
(-Cir 0824)


Family Links
1. Isenbrand til Althoff
2. Ruthard of Altdorf

1. Eigilwich

Welf I of Bavaria 64,2488,2489,2490

  • Marriage (1): Eigilwich
  • Died: Cir 824

   Other names for Welf were Guelph and Welf of Alemannia.


  General Notes:

Welf or Hwelf was a 9th century Frankish count. He is the oldest known member of the Elder House of Welf.

Welf is mentioned only once: on the occasion of the wedding of his daughter Judith with Emperor Louis the Pious in 819. Welf was married to Heilwig or Eigilwi, daughter of the Saxon count Isanbart; Heilwig was abbess of Chelles.

Welf had the following children:
- Judith, Roman Empress and Frankish Queen, died 843;
- Rudolf, died 866;
- Conrad, Count of Paris, ancestor of the Welf kings of Burgundy;
- Hemma, Frankish Queen, died 876.


English Guelf, or Guelph, Italian GUELPHO, dynasty of German nobles and rulers who were the chief rivals of the Hohenstaufens in Italy and central Europe in the Middle Ages and who later included the Hanoverian Welfs, who, with the accession of George I to the British throne, became rulers of Great Britain.

The origin of the "Elder House" of Welf is a matter of controversy, since Welf in the Carolingian period seems to have been rather widespread as a baptismal name. The first clearly discernible ancestor of the dynasty is the Count Welf who had possessions in Bavaria in the first quarter of the 9th century and whose daughters Judith and Emma married, respectively, the Frankish emperor Louis I the Pious and the East Frankish king Louis the German. The best analyses of the evidence trace the Burgundian and the Swabian Welfs to two nephews of Judith and Emma, namely Conrad (d. c. 876) and the so-numbered Welf I (d. before 876). Conrad's son Rudolf (d. 911 or 912) became king of Burgundy in 888, and this kingdom remained with his descendants until 1032. Welf II (d. 1030), who was probably of the fifth generation from Welf I, had so strong a position in southern Germany that he and his son Welf III could occasionally defy the German kings. ...

Welf var stamfar til welfernes berømte slekt. Han eide store besittelser i Schwaben og Bayern og var greve i Bayern og herre til Althoff.

  Research Notes:

The identity of his father is not clear.


  Noted events in his life were:

• He worked as a Count of Bavaria.


Welf married Eigilwich, daughter of Isanbart of Saxony and Unknown. (Eigilwich was born circa 775 and died after 833.)