Ecgbert III of Wessex
(Cir 0775-0839)
Oslac of Wight
AEthelwulf of England
(Abt 0800-0858)
Osburh of Wight

(Cir 0835-0866)


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Ethelberht 142,2980

  • Born: Cir 835 16
  • Died: 866

   Another name for Ethelberht was Aethelberht.


  General Notes:

King of the West Saxons, or Wessex, who succeeded to the subkingdom of Kent during the lifetime of his father Aethelwulf and retained it until the death of his elder brother Aethelbald in 860, when he became sole king of Wessex and Kent, the younger brothers Aethelred and Alfred renouncing their claim. He ruled these kingdoms for five years. His reign was marked by two serious attacks from the Danes, who destroyed Winchester in 860, in spite of the resistance of the ealdormen Osric and Aethelwulf. In 865 the Danes ravaged Kent.

  Research Notes:

By his wife whose name is unknown, he had issue:
1. Aldhelm (died without issue);
2. Ethelward, claimed the Crown 900, killed in battle at Holme, Lincs., 905 (died without issue).


  Noted events in his life were:

Acceded: King of Kent, 855.

Acceded: King of Wessex, 860.