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AEthelwulf of England
(Abt 0800-0858)
Osburh of Wight
(Cir 0837-0871)
Ęthelwold of Wessex
(-Cir 0902)


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Ęthelwold of Wessex 2897

  • Died: Cir 902

  General Notes:

Ęthelwald was the eldest son of Ęthelred of Wessex. He was also the cousin of Edward the Elder of Wessex. Aethelwald fought his cousin during much of his early reign because he felt that he had more right to inherit the throne. When the throne was passed to Edward in 899 Ęthelwald went to the Danelaw and was installed by them as King of Northumbria. In 902 he attacked Wessex with his Danish Allies. He defeated Edward but was himself killed in the Battle of Holme, thus allowing Edward to secure his position. His younger brother Ęthelhelm chose not to challenge Edward for the throne and continued to reside in Wessex as Ealdorman of Wiltshire.


  Noted events in his life were:

• King of Wessex: 865 To 871.