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Ketil KEN Nygaard


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1. Jacqueline Winifred "Jackie" Newell

Ketil KEN Nygaard 1

  • Born: 24 Sep 1947, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
  • Christened: 30 Nov 1947, Kråkerøy Church, Kråkerøy, Østfold, Norway 2
  • Marriage (1): Jacqueline Winifred "Jackie" Newell on 15 May 1971 in Lynn Valley United Church, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

   Other names for Ketil are Ken and Ketil Kenneth Nygaard.


  General Notes:

The family lived in Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad, when he was born (23:45 pm, 52 cm, 3350 gr). Godparents: Rolf & Lucie Haugen, Rolf P & Karin Jensen.

His earliest memory is of sitting on the two or three steps outside his grandmother's home in Gamlebyen, waiting for his mother and looking across the cobblestone street through the gate under the embankment that surrounds the town, while a young couple in military uniform walked by. He also remembers his 3rd birthday, in London, England, en route to Canada in September, 1950. A few memories of the farm(s?) in Veteran, Alberta, and of Calgary (602 2nd Avenue NW) between '50 and '52: big horses, high snow drifts, mom churning butter, eye operation in Calgary.

"I grew up in Vancouver, first in east Vancouver on Williams Street between Commercial and Victoria Drive from 1953 to '56 (grades 1 to 3 at Lord Nelson Elementary School). The neighbourhood was eclectic and interesting, populated by families of various backgrounds...European (eastern, northern & southern), Chinese, the whole mix.

"In 1956 the family moved to Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. By then dad had built a house at Sykes and Frederick Roads. I was worried about moving to Lynn Valley; east Vancouver was considered a tough part of town, but there was a story about kids in Lynn Valley carrying bicycle chains as weapons. It wasn't true, though, and friends were easy to meet in the neighbourhood and at Lynn Valley School.

"Grade school days ended with graduation from Argyle Senior Secondary in 1965. I started university (UBC) that fall, but soon decided to take a year away. During the fall of '65 and the following spring I worked on a survey crew at the Mica Creek dam site. When I came home again I came to realize that I would go back to university - I wasn't interested in being surrounded by people who only knew four-letter words, as it seemed up at Mica Creek.

"The years between the fall of '66 and the spring of 1971 were filled with dating Jackie Newell and taking a physics major at UBC. In April '71 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, and on May 15th Jackie and I were married. We moved into an apartment in Kitsilano, in Vancouver, since we both were continuing with school at UBC nearby. I had been accepted into the School of Architecture there and began that same summer.

"We met new friends at the School and by this time Jackie was the breadwinner, while I concentrated on the mysteries of architecture. By the middle of my second year Jackie and I decided to travel with the school's 'studies abroad' program: from January to April 1973 we lived in Athens, Greece, studying, travelling and adventuring. One day tante Inger met us and spent a few hours! My design project there was an inter-city bus terminal in Athens. When school was finished in Greece we travelled by VW van with friends for a few weeks: Crete, and then Istanbul.

"In early May of '73 we flew from Athens to Copenhagen where my mother met us at the airport ... tears of reunion. We spent a few days there and then the three of us went by train from Copenhagen to Fredrikstad. This was my first time back to Norway since 1950. I believe we arrived on May 18th or 19th. Uncle Gunnar (Freng) had died just a couple of days before; we were in time for the funeral. For the next couple of weeks we visited with aunts, uncles and cousins, and mom took us on a bus trip to Sognefjord. Jackie and I left Norway to visit her relatives in Ireland. We explored Dublin (where she was born), took a wonderful bus excursion for a day, and took the train to Killarney.

"After returning to Vancouver in the summer of '73, we again rented an apartment in the Kitsilano area ... back to school for me. I had two years completed of the three year program. After finishing most of the 3rd year of architecture school (I still had my graduation project to complete) I took a job designing home renovations for a couple of months at a low salary. Friends had been hired into the "Justice Development Commission" to assist in the planning and design of the various parts of the justice system in British Columbia. They encouraged me to apply, and for the next year and a bit I studied and collaborated on the planning and design of the province's proposals to replace its oldest provincial jail. In the summer of '75 Jackie and I rented a house in North Vancouver where we would live until buying our own.

"In September 1975 it was time to go back to school to finish my degree in architecture. I worked for the next several months on my graduation project: the Vancouver Pretrial Services Centre. 1976 was another milestone year: I presented my graduation project in the last week of April, we moved into our first owned home on May 1st, and Adam was born on May 5th! I was again hired on contract to the province, this time to make my grad project a reality.

"From '76 to 1980 we lived at 3051 Fromme Road, back in Lynn Valley. I worked in downtown Vancouver. In late spring of 1979 Jackie was pregnant again. We took a trip to Spain with her sister and husband ...Torremolinos and Granada. It was the longest that we had been away from Adam. On November 5th that year Ciara was born!

"In September 1980 we moved to Victoria, renting an apartment for a couple of (hot) months while waiting to move into the house that we had bought. The house is at 215 Linden Avenue and we still live there today.

... to be continued. 3,4


  Noted events in his life were:

• He was educated at Bachelor of Science, Physics in 1971 in University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

• He was educated at Bachelor of Architecture in 1976 in University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

• He worked as a Planner from 1976 to 2014 in Corrections Branch, Government of B.C., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Ketil married Jacqueline Winifred "Jackie" Newell, daughter of Samuel England Newell and Catherine Mary "Kay" Dunne, on 15 May 1971 in Lynn Valley United Church, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. (Jacqueline Winifred "Jackie" Newell was born on 3 Nov 1949 in Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland 5 and died on 16 Apr 2017 in Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC, Canada.)

  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Place: bought 1st house, 1 May 1976, 3051 Fromme Rd., North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

• Place: bought 2nd house, 1 Nov 1980, 215 Linden Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada.