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Peder Oskar Nygård


Family Links

1. Tora Julia Holter

2. Marie Karoline

Peder Oskar Nygård 96,666,1916,1918,1922,1923

  • Born: 20 Nov 1882, Skratalsrud, Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway
  • Christened: 28 Jan 1883, Trøgstad, Østfold, Norway
  • Marriage (1): Tora Julia Holter
  • Marriage (2): Marie Karoline
  • Died: 16 Nov 1969, Skjeberg, Østfold, Norway
  • Buried: 22 Nov 1969, Skjeberg, Østfold, Norway

   Other names for Peder were Peder Oskar Juliusen Nygaard and Peder Oskar Olsen.


  General Notes:

Oskar Nygård, from Trøgstad, was a wood-turner, a farmer, and in addition, a very good and enthusiastic marksman "og har som sådan tatt en mengde premier ved skytterstevner." There were 8 children.

When he attended his sister Borghild's christening in October 1897 he was called Oskar Juliusen Nygaard.

In the Digitalarkivet census for 1900 Oskar is shown living, unmarried, on the Løkke farm in Askim with 18 other inhabitants including his parents and his siblings Marry, Nelly, Thomas L, and Borghild.

He lived with (married?) Maria after Tora died. Maria's son inherited her half of Peder Oskar's assets. 98,1923,1924

  Research Notes:

His birthdate has been incorrectly recorded as 20 Apr 1882. His christening record confirms 20 Nov 1882. The 1910 census records 18 Nov 1882. 672

  Medical Notes:

He died about Oct 9th, 1969, Sunday morning....He died of a stroke, not cancer. He had cancer of the lower colon/rectum, but that wasn't too serious. He had one stroke, then shortly after, another in his sleep. NB: 09 Oct 1969 was a Thursday. 1925


  Noted events in his life were:

• He worked as a carpenter.

• He worked as a turner [dreier] in 1906-1911 in Askim, Østfold, Norway.


Peder married Tora Julia Holter, daughter of Johan Hansen Lier and Karoline Holter. (Tora Julia Holter was born on 20 Apr 1886 in Holter, Askim, Østfold, Norway, christened on 27 Jun 1886 in Askim, Østfold, Norway and died on 23 Mar 1939 in Skjeberg, Østfold, Norway 316,667,668.)

  Marriage Notes:

In August 1906 Peder Oskar and Tora Julie were recorded as living on the Hjørnerud farm, presumably in Trøgstad.

In April 1908 they were living on the Bilett farm in Askim.

In March 1910 they lived in Mysen, Eidsberg, and were recorded as Peder Oskar Olsen and Tora Julie Johansen. They were still living in Mysen in July 1913.

In the census for 1910 they lived at Hamburg, Eidsberg. They had their first 3 children with them.

In April 1918 they were living at Krapfoss/Jeløy, Moss, Østfold.

Thora bought the Grimstad 73/1 farm in Borge on May 14th 1936 4.14 mark for 11.500 kroner. She got the official leave to buy it on June 8th 1932. When she died the ownership went to her husband and the children John, Knut, Eilert, Solveig Bergset, Klaus and Inger.

When they bought the farm, they finished the main house. Peder had a small wood workshop, where he made lamps together with Eilert and Knut. Peder Nygård was also known as a very good gun shooter and had a Norwegian championship gold medal in his wellfilled winnercabinet. When Thora died, Peder moved very fast from Torsnes and after a while settled in Kvastebyen in Skjeberg where he had a carpenter shop.

(On Dec 11th 1940 Knut got the deed to the farm from the rest of Thora's inheritors of Grimstad 73/1 4.14. mark for 13.200 kroner. In 1950 Knut sold Grimstad to Bjarne Dahl.) 95,656,670,671,672


Peder next married Marie Karoline. (Marie Karoline died on 17 Apr 1973 in Skjeberg, Østfold, Norway and was buried on 25 Apr 1973 in Skjeberg, Østfold, Norway.)