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Ealhmund of Kent
(-Between 0784/0786)
daughter of Kent
Ecgbert III of Wessex
(Cir 0775-0839)

AEthelwulf of England
(Abt 0800-0858)


Family Links

1. Osburh of Wight

2. Judith of the West Franks

AEthelwulf of England 142,2456

  • Born: Abt 800
  • Marriage (1): Osburh of Wight
  • Marriage (2): Judith of the West Franks on 1 Oct 856 in Verberie, Oise, France 2439
  • Died: 13 Jan 858

   Another name for AEthelwulf was Ethelwulf of Wessex and Kent.


  General Notes:

Anglo-Saxon king in England, the father of King Alfred the Great. As ruler of the West Saxons from 839 to 856, he allied his kingdom of Wessex with Mercia and thereby withstood invasions by Danish Vikings.

The son of the great West Saxon king Egbert (ruled 802-839), Aethelwulf ascended the throne four years after the Danes had begun large-scale raids on the English coast. In 851 he scored a major victory over a large Danish army at a place called Aclea in Surrey. Aethelwulf then married his daughter to the Mercian king Burgred (853), and in 856 he himself married the daughter of Charles II the Bald, king of the West Franks. Aethelwulf was deposed by a rival faction upon his return from a pilgrimage to Rome in 856, but he continued to rule Kent and several other eastern provinces until his death. In addition to Alfred the Great (ruled 871-899), three of Aethelwulf's four other sons became kings of Wessex.


  Noted events in his life were:

• He worked as a King of Wessex and Kent from 839 to 856.


AEthelwulf married Osburh of Wight, daughter of Oslac of Wight and Unknown. (Osburh of Wight died in 860.)


AEthelwulf next married Judith of the West Franks, daughter of Charles II the Bald of France and Irmentrud of Orléans, on 1 Oct 856 in Verberie, Oise, France.2439 (Judith of the West Franks was born in 843 and died in 870.)