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1. Louis II of the Franks

Engelberga 2107,13942

  • Marriage (1): Louis II of the Franks on 5 Oct 851 2107
  • Died: 900

  General Notes:

Engelberga (or Angilberga, died between 896 and 901) was the wife of Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor, from 5 October 851 to his death on 12 August 875. As empress, she exerted a powerful influence over her husband. Her family, the Supponids, prospered during Louis's reign. Engelberga was probably the daughter of Adelchis I of Parma.

In 868, she became abbess of San Salvatore in Brescia, a convent with a history of royal abbesses. In 896, she became abbess of her own foundation of San Sisto in Piacenza.

In January 872, the aristocracy tried to have her removed, as she had not borne the emperor any sons. Instead, Louis opened negotiations with Louis the German, King of East Francia, to make him his heir. In order to sideline Engelberga, the nobility elected Charles the Bald, King of West Francia, on Louis's death. Boso V of Arles, a faithful of Charles, kidnapped Engelberga and her only surviving daughter, Ermengard. He forced the latter to marry him in June 876, at the same time he was made Charles' governor in Italy with the title of dux.

With Engelberga's backing, Boso declare himself King of Provence on 15 October 879. Subsequently, Engelberga was banished to Swabia. After Charles the Fat's forces took Vienne in 882, Engelberga was allowed to return to Italy and confirmed in her possessions.

Angilberga (Engelberga) ble forlovet med Ludvig før 05.10.851.

Hun ble i 882 tatt med Karl "den Tykke" til Schwaben, men vendte tilbake til Italia.

01.03.986 var Angilberga abedisse i klosteret San Sisto i Piacenza som hun selv bygde.


Engelberga married Louis II of the Franks, son of Lothar I of the Franks and Irmengard of Tours, on 5 Oct 851.2107 (Louis II of the Franks was born circa 822-825 and died on 12 Aug 875 near Brescia, Lombardy.)