Thorold de Pont-Audemer
Humphrey de Vielles
(-Cir 1050)


Family Links

1. Albreda de la Haye Auberie

Humphrey de Vielles 3062

  • Marriage (1): Albreda de la Haye Auberie
  • Died: Cir 1050

  General Notes:

Humphrey (or Onfroi or Umfrid) of Vieilles (died c. 1050) was the first holder of the "grand honneur" of Beaumont-le-Roger, one of the most important groups of domains in eastern Normandy and the founder of the House of Beaumont.

His early life and origins are the subject of much discussion. He was the grandson of Torf (or Turolf), who some historians identify with Turstin le Riche, the father-in-law of Robert the Dane, and by others with an ancestor of the lords of Harcourt. Whichever is the better hypothesis, we can be sure Humphrey descended from a Scandinavian Viking family.

Besides Beaumont-le-Roger, he had lands dispersed through the whole of Normandy, in Cotentin, in Hiémois, in the Pays d'Auge, in Basse Seine (Vatteville-la-Rue), in Évrecin (Normanville) and in Vexin normand (Bouafles). These lands originated in the favour of the dukes Richard II and Robert II, from confiscated church lands. The "honneur" of Beaumont was, for example, constituted from the remains of the lands of the abbey of Bernay. On the other hand, the possessions around Pont-Audemer came to him by family inheritance.

In 1034, he 'founded' (or, rather, restored) the monastery at Préaux, a few kilometres from Pont-Audemer, with monks from the Saint-Wandrille.

During the minority of Duke William the Bastard, Roger I of Tosny, holder of the "honneur" of Conches, attacked Humphrey's domains. But around 1040, Humphrey's son, Roger de Beumont, met and defeated Roger in battle, during which Roger was killed.

Family and descendants

His known children:
Robert, the elder, assassinated by Roger de Clères;
Roger de Beaumont, known as le Barbu († 1094), who succeeded his father.
Two other possible children?:
Guillaume de Beaumont, monk at the abbaye Saint-Pierre de Préaux
Dumelme de Vieilles, monk at the abbaye Saint-Léger de Préaux.


Humphrey married Albreda de la Haye Auberie.