Moddan of Caithness
Thorleif Modansdottir


Family Links

1. Eric The Straight

2. Sigurd Snap-Deacon

Audhild 3369

  • Marriage (1): Eric The Straight
  • Marriage (2): Sigurd Snap-Deacon

   Another name for Audhild was Gunnhilda.


Audhild married Eric The Straight.


Audhild next married Sigurd Snap-Deacon.

  Marriage Notes:

From The Orkneyingers' Saga:

When earl Harold was seated in Sutherland, there came to him that man whose name was Sigurd, who was said to be the son of Ethelbert the priest; he was called snap-deacon; he came down then from Scotland, and had been with David the Scot-king, and he had laid upon him great honours. Earl Harold gave him a very hearty welcome. Sigurd fared out to the Orkneys with earl Harold, and so did Frakok, Moddan's daughter, for that Ljot the dastard, her husband was then dead. She and her sister Helga had then a great share in ruling the land with earl Harold. Sigurd snap was in great love with all of them. Then Audhild the daughter of Thorleif, Moddan's daughter, followed him as his leman, and their daughter was Ingigerd, whom Hacon claw afterwards had to wife. Eric the straight had before had Audhild to wife; their son was Eric stay-brails. 3369