Leofwine of Mercia
(Cir 0950-1028)
Leofric of Mercia
Lady Godgifu
(Cir 1010-Bef 1085)
Alfgar of Mercia
(-Cir 1063)


Family Links

1. Aelfgifu

Alfgar of Mercia 13,67,2053

  • Marriage (1): Aelfgifu
  • Died: Cir 1063

   Another name for Alfgar was AElfgar.


  General Notes:

"Upon Godwine's death in 1053, Harold succeeded to his father's earldoms and became the chief power in the land. By 1057 he had obtained earldoms for his three brothers, Tostig, Gyrth, and Leofwine. His only rival was the house of Leofric of Mercia. Leofric's outlawed son, Aelfgar, raided Mercia with help from the Welsh, and in retaliation Harold and Tostig subjugated Wales in 1063."


  Noted events in his life were:

Acceded: Earl of Mercia, 1057.


Alfgar married Aelfgifu, daughter of Morcar of Northumbria and Ealdgyth.