Desidarius of Lombardy


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1. Charles I the Great, King of the Franks

Desiderata 2371

  • Marriage (1): Charles I the Great, King of the Franks in 770

   Another name for Desiderata was Ermengarda.


  General Notes:

She was the second wife of Charlemagne. Charlemagne went to war against her father in 771.


Desiderata married Charles I the Great, King of the Franks, son of Pepin III the Short of the Franks and Bertrada of Laon, in 770. (Charles I the Great, King of the Franks was born on 2 Apr 742 and died on 28 Jan 814 in Aix-la-Chapelle, or Aachen, Austrasia.)

  Marriage Notes:

From his father Charles had inherited the title "Patricius Romanus" which carried with it a special obligation to protect the temporal rights of the Holy See. The nearest and most menacing neighbour of St. Peter's Patrimony was Desidarius (Didier), King of the Lombards, and it was with this potentate that the dowager Bertha had arranged a matrimonial alliance for her elder son. The pope had solid temporal reasons for objecting to this arrangement. Moreover, Charles was already, in foro conscientiae, if not in Frankish law, wedded to Himiltrude. In defiance of the pope's protest (PL 98:250), Charles married Desiderata, daughter of Desiderius (770), three years later he repudiated her and married Hildegarde, the beautiful Swabian. Naturally, Desiderius was furious at this insult, and the dominions of the Holy See bore the first brunt of his wrath.