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Sigurd "the Stout" Hlodvirsson
(Cir 0960-1014)
Daughter Of Scotland
Finn Arnasson
Bergliot Halfdansdottir
Thorfinn the Black Sigurdsson
Ingibjorg "Earls' Mother" Finnsdottir
(-Cir 1069)
Paul I of Orkney Thorfinnson


Family Links

1. Hakonsdottir

Paul I of Orkney Thorfinnson 49,75,76

  • Marriage (1): Hakonsdottir
  • Died: 1099, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

  General Notes:

Paul and his brother Erlend were guarding the ships during the Battle of Stamford Bridge.


  Noted events in his life were:

He worked as an Earl of Orkney.


Paul married Hakonsdottir, daughter of Hakon Ivarson and Ragnild Magnusdatter.

  Marriage Notes:

From The Orkneyingers' Saga:

"Earl Paul, Thorfinn's son, got to wife the daughter of earl Hacon Ivar's son, and they had many children. Their son's name was Hacon. They had a daughter whose name was Thora; she was given away in Norway to Haldor, the son of Brynjulf (the old) camel. Their son's name was Brynjulf; his son's name was Haldor, who had to wife Gyrid Dag's daughter. Another daughter of Paul's was named Ingirid, whom Einar Vorsacrow had to wife. Herbjorg was the name of Paul's third daughter; she was the mother of Ingibjorg the honourable, whom Sigurd of Westness had to wife, and their sons were Hacon pick and Brynjulf. Sigrid was another daughter of Herbjorg, the mother of Hacon bairn and Herborg, whom Kolbeinn the burly had to wife. Ragnhilda was the name of a fourth daughter of earl Paul, she was the mother of Benedict, the father of Ingibjorg, the mother of Erling the archdeacon. Bergliot was the name of another ? daughter of Ragnhilda, whom Havard Gunni's son had to wife; their sons were Magnus and Hacon claw, and Dufnjal and Thorstein." 76