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AEthelwulf of England
(Abt 0800-0858)
Osburh of Wight
(Cir 0837-0871)
(Cir 0859-0923)


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1. Elswitha

Æthelhelm 2453,2897,3611

  • Born: Cir 859
  • Marriage (1): Elswitha
  • Died: 923

  General Notes:

Æthelhelm or Æþelhelm (c. 859\endash 923) was the younger son of Æthelred of Wessex (Æþelræd)

Both he and his brother were too young to inherit the throne in 871 and it passed to their uncle King Alfred the Great (Ælfred) who granted them both lands. On Alfred's death in 899 his elder brother Æthelwold contested the succession and was killed. Æthelhelm remained loyal, and is believed to have been Ealdorman of Wiltshire.

Two children have been attributed to Æthelhelm:
Ælfflæd (c. 890\endash 918), consort to King Edward the Elder (c. 871\endash 924), is called by one source daughter of Ealdorman Æthelhelm (although there were several Ealdormen of this name at the time, this has been taken to refer to the Ealdorman of Wiltshire); and
Æthelfrith of Wessex (c. 900\endash 927), a landholder, father to four Ealdormen: Æthelstan Half-King (East Anglia), Ælfstan (Mercia), Æthelwald (Kent), and Eadric (Wessex). Æthelfrith is hypothesized to be son of Æthelhelm because Ealdorman Æthelweard 'the Historian', who is thought to be son of Eadric, called himself 'grandson's grandson' of Æthelhelm's father Æthelred I and held lands originally granted to Æthelhelm by Alfred. From Æthelweard the reconstructed pedigree is traced through Æthelmar Cild (c. 960\endash 1015), a benefactor of Eynsham Abbey; and Wulfnoth Cild (c. 983\endash 1015), Thegn of Sussex; to Earl Godwin, thereby making Æthelhelm ancestor of King Harold II, Godwin's son.

He was living in 860.

Etherhelm var en av kong Edvard I's godseiere (thegns).


  Noted events in his life were:

• He worked as an Ealdorman of Wiltshire.


Æthelhelm married Elswitha.