Bisinus, King of Thuringia
(Bef 0460-Between 0506/0510)
Baderic, King of Thuringia
(Cir 0480-0529)


Family Links

1. Unknown

Baderic, King of Thuringia 2730

  • Born: Cir 480
  • Marriage (1): Unknown
  • Died: 529

  General Notes:

Baderic, Baderich, Balderich, or Boderic, son of Bisinus and Basina, was a co-king of the Thuringii. He and his brothers Hermanfrid and Berthar succeeded their father Bisinus. After Hermanfrid defeated Berthar in battle, he invited King Theuderic I of Metz to help him defeat Baderic in return for half of the kingdom. Theuderic I agreed and Baderic was defeated and killed in 529. Hermanfrid became the sole king.


Baderic, married.