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Louis I the Pious of the Franks
Irmengard of Hesbain
(Cir 0778-0818)
Welf I of Bavaria
(-Cir 0824)
(Cir 0775-After 0833)
Louis II the German
(Cir 0804-0876)
Emma of Bavaria
Charles III the Fat


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Charles III the Fat 4615

  • Born: 839, Bavaria ?
  • Died: 13 Jan 888, Neidingen

   Other names for Charles were Charles le Gros, Charles the Fat and Karl der Dicke.


  General Notes:

Frankish king and emperor, whose fall in 887 marked the final disintegration of the empire of Charlemagne. (Although he controlled France briefly, he is usually not reckoned among the kings of France).

The youngest son of Louis the German and great-grandson of Charlemagne, Charles became king of Swabia on his father's death in 876; in 879, on the resignation of his sick brother Carloman (died 880), he took over the kingdom of Italy. He was crowned emperor by Pope John VIII in 881. Saxony fell to Charles on the death of his brother Louis the Younger (882), and Charles became king of all the East Franks. Then, on the deaths of the West Frankish kings Louis III (882) and Carloman (884), Charles reunited (885) under his rule the empire of Charlemagne with the exception of Provence, where the usurper Boso had set up a kingdom for himself. Charles, afflicted by illness, was listless in his duties; he failed to help the Pope against the Saracens and the expansionist dukes of Spoleto; and, although he led armies against the Vikings in the Netherlands (881) and at Paris (886), on both occasions he bought off the invaders. His incompetence and the ambition of his nephew Arnulf finally provoked a rising in East Francia, where Arnulf took over the government (Frankfurt, November 887).


  Noted events in his life were:

He worked as a King West Franks.

Acceded: Holy Roman Emperor, 881. 2492