This is a story of a family that goes back to the middle ages and beyond. The story is primarily centred in Norway, but has deep roots. Branches have extended all over Europe and have transplanted in North America as well. There are over 56,000 leaves currently on the tree.

I thank all who have helped and continue to contribute. 

Ketil Ken Nygaard’s Genealogy

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Cautionary Notes

  1.   If you are uncomfortable with any content please let me know.  This may include issues of personal information or of accuracy.

  1. A majority of my source material is from Norwegian censuses, church books and grave sites.  In some cases I have relied on information contained in the personal  genealogy of other individuals.  I cannot ensure the accuracy of the latter.  All my sources are documented.

  1.   Information becomes less reliable when the subject is more historic.  This is most applicable to persons of the 17th century and earlier.

  1.   Finally, this genealogy is not a family tree.  It's more of a family forest and in that sense it can seem like a maze, so keep one hand on a wall as you wander.